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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

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    Scott Laming from Abe Books is running a contest--a free opportunity to attend the Nebula Awards® Weekend in New York on May 11-13, 2007. Would you like to win two tickets (registration and banquet) and two nights at the New York Marriott Financial Center?

    Answer correctly the simple question at www.abebooks.com/docs/ScienceFiction/nebula-contest.shtml. (Limit one entry per person and per e-mail account.)

    Entries must be received before April 13, 2007, at 9:59am PDT.

    The answer to this question can be found on Laurie Mann's website AwardWeb, among other places. If you win, but you already had bought a ticket to the banquet, we will refund your money.

    Good luck!

    2007 Nebula Award Weekend Tours

    Haunted New York (Friday 8 pm after signing; leaving from Borders bookstore)
    Hear how Captain William Kidd, though sent to London to be hanged, still
    walks the streets of lower Manhattan, protecting his treasure. See the site
    of the first murder in New Amsterdam. Feel the evidence left by an
    anarchist's bomb on Wall Street in the 1920's. Also see the New York Stock
    Exchange Building, cause of many suicides following Black Friday in 1929,
    and the skyscraper an Army plane crashed into in 1946. The murder of the
    Nassau Street shop clerk Mary Rogers in 1841 inspired Poe's "Mystery of
    Marie Roget." Our first stop, appropriately, will be a cemetery.

    Old New York Part I
    (Friday 3pm, leaving from main lobby of Marriott hotel)
    Castle Clinton -- fort, concert hall, immigration station, aquarium,
    visitors' center. A pre-Revolutionary War fortification. Views of Ellis
    Island and the Statue of Liberty. Headquarters of the Men in Black; Herman
    Melville's birthplace; Fraunces' Tavern, where Washington said farewell to
    his officers; site of the first city hall of New Amsterdam; Hanover Square,
    home to William Kidd and starting point of the fire of 1835; site of the
    second city hall, where George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789,
    and the wall built by Peter Stuyvesant to protect New Amsterdam.

    Old New York Part II
    (Sunday 11am, leaving from main lobby of Marriott hotel)
    St. Paul's Chapel, oldest standing church in Manhattan; the present city
    hall, built in 1811; site of Barnum's Natural History museum, destroyed by
    Confederate spies in 1865; the Woolworth Building, tallest in the world in
    1913; Newspaper Row, scene of the dramatic fire used by Jack Finney in "Time
    and Again;" the Brooklyn Bridge, longest suspension bridge in the world and
    a marvel of engineering; the Municipal Building, Joseph Stalin's inspiration
    for Moscow University; the infamous William Tweed courthouse; the site of
    the worst slum in New York City's history, Five Points.

    All tours last about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. $20 a head, payable at registatration or
    in cash at the start of the tour.

    Gordon Linzner will be the 2007 Nebula Awards Weekend tourguide.

    Photo credit: Ellen Datlow
    Speed Dating for an Agent
    I just got a query for writer information about the Speed Dating event via the email address set up in association with the SFWA website. I answered the question but I thought it might be worthwhile to post the basic information on the LiveJournal for 2007Nebs.

    The Nebula Award events will be taking place on May 11-13 in New York at the Marriott in the Financial Center, 85 West Street. For further information, you can check the website at: http://sfwa.org/awards/2007/

    We expect a lot of newer and, so far, un-agented writers to be attending the events and we thought it might be useful for all concerned to give them an organized opportunity to meet some agents. We came up with the idea of Speed Dating for an Agent, which would give everybody a chance to get (briefly) acquainted, exchange useful information and sound out the possibilities of doing business together.

    Our plan is to allocate two hours on Friday, May 11 (3-5pm) and put a bunch of writers and agents together in a room with some tables and chairs, some drinks, a referee or two, and some ground rules.

    We're hoping to get 20 agents to volunteer their time in the hopes of finding some interesting new clients to represent. We're allowing for a maximum of 40 writers to sign up to meet agents and we're planning 10 minute meetings back-to-back throughout the two hour period. That would mean each agent would meet a maximum of 12 writers and each writer would meet a maximum of six agents.

    We're asking each writer to pay a small fee to cover organizational costs and to provide the agents with some small reward for their generosity and patience in the form of some free drink chits. We're also asking each agent to provide a brief summary of their particular interest in terms of genre specializations and so on which we'll pass along to the writers to help them make selections that will best serve their interests and needs.

    Once the lists of agents and writers are filled, we'll circulate the list of agents along with their personal summaries and ask the writers to submit a numbered list of the agents they'd like to meet. Then, we'll assign appointments with the agents to the writers in order of their preferences matched against the availability of the agents.

    If you've got specific questions, you can reach me via dating@sfwa.org

    John Douglas

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